New Occupation Lists Announced for Australian Migration

The awaited revision of lists planned for January 2018 and been released today.

The Department of Home Affairs [DHA], formerly known as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection [DIBP] has today issued its six-monthly update of Australia’s Skilled Occupation Lists. The new list will be effective from tomorrow i.e. 17 January 2018.

The reshuffle is not major as two occupations have been removed from the current list of occupations- Building Associate [312112]; and Hair or Beauty Salon Manager [142114].

There has also. been some shuffling of occupation between the STSOL and MTLSSL as well as caveats applied to certain occupations.

Interestingly, two occupations from the list of removed occupations have been included in the list of eligible occupations- Property Manager [612112]; Real Estate Representative [612115].

What do these changes mean to a prospective migrant?

  • The lists are temporary; therefore, one must act in time.
  • Occupations that are removed can be brought back to the list in the next revision.
  • The Immigration process is on the Fast-Track now
  • Early applications will lead to in time decisions without being adversely affected by further changes.


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