It’s my Birthday in… a couple of days to come

And like every year it would be a day both joyous and glum

Why am I supposed to feel happy on this day every year

Smile all day and be sure no one would bring a tear

It’s just another day, why all this fuss

Why being born is so special, this “Me” thing seems so superfluous

The spotlight to be beaming brightly on my D-day

A delightful day with splendor, a Cinderella moment that’s not to stay

Friends, family and folks who barely meet or call

Will write nice messages on my social media wall

To feel this special with so many, around who care

Its goanna be one lovely day, but a mere yearly social affair

There would be wishes flooding in from one place I know.

My LinkedIn pals who don’t know me [Haha..] but for my birth date that’ll show,

Clogging my inbox with their wishes as in thousands they grow.

I’ll be sent preset messages with a little tapping on their keypad

Writing HBD, emojis and lots of other timesaver texts in fad

Ha! I’ll again feel like a popular someone for the fame I’ve never had.

And those who know me somewhat will be almost obligated to take the call

Write or say a little something or anything that can enthral

And there be some who write birthday messages- their daily morning regime

Pretending they’re the smartest who remember, a winner at the social scheme

And then there’d be those who’d like to be seen as the thoughtful ones

Not a word for me all life, but now blessings and wishes in tons

Okay time to be honest, I actually do the same

Ever since on FB, play the ‘Happy Birthday” game

To friend someone and not send across a wish

Oh! I can take a quick moment and get done being nice in a swish

And then forget about the person for another year to go

But wishing on a birthday you’d better, for you’ll reap what you sough 

But on a quieter note, there’s something I always wanted life to make way

For someone to make me feel like a Birthday Girl, every single day!