Seven years after the Nirbhaya brutal gang rape and murder, protests sparked throughout India after a similar macabre rape-murder in Hyderabad. What horrified more than the crime was the lethargic justice system that the family of the Hyderabad victim would now have to achingly lug through as the convicts of the Nirbhaya assault still refuged behind the legal lacunas and the Indian amnesty.

The dramatic encounter killing all four alleged rapists, this morning, brought cheer and fed a craving for the poetic justice to many at large. Yet I scroll through these boisterous discussions and heavily opinionated tweets streaming along on the social media debating the extrajudicial killings. The netizens seem to have their intellectual take on just about everything.

While ‘death’ for the rapists-cum-murderers resonates in tandem, we have these campaigners of “death to be delivered through the judiciary” as a saner definition of ‘justice.’ “Legit or Not Legit” is the controversy of the day. And I’m trying to figure this out while blogging this.

Of course, I am not even questioning whether the encounter was a genuine one- it just may have been orchestrated! Perhaps, it took tremendous political pressure and howling of public sentiments for the Telangana police to deliver a speedy justice that our courts are incompetent of [despite the proposed fast track trials]. Just if our Indian Judicial system had in place anything even close to the punishment for rape as in the countries below:

  • A rape convict in North Korea is sentenced to death by a firing squad.
  • In China, the rapist is shot dead by firing a single bullet at the spinal cord, joining the neck.
  • Saudi Arabia sedates the rapist and beheads him in public within days of his trial.
  • Egypt hands out an old school punishment to the rapist by hanging him until dead.
  • In Afghanistan, the rapist is shot dead in the head within four days of being caught.
  • The USA subscribes to the entire life in imprisonment for rape, and sometimes to even lesser severe charges of felony [sexual assault on women though not a rape].
  • In Iran, the rapist is either hanged or stoned to death in public.
  • Greece punishes the rape convict with incarceration.

Relook at this now- we, here, are not talking about just ‘Rape’ but the brutal act of gang-raping a girl, followed by raping her listless body and the savage charring of her body to ashes.

Should the Human Rights Activists be even calling out ‘human’ interest to this cruel act separated from even a sterile sense of humanity? Or should there even be any intelligent analysis into what happened this morning? Yes, we know what happened in the wee hours today- but we’re happy that it happened! Justice Delivered- Full Stop!