Here’s a little something the blogger in me is pushing me to write down about- the Novel Coronavirus or the COVID- 19.

I know you’re already sick, cause I am too, of so much information swarming around- each time you switch on your phone, open up your laptops, log into your social media accounts- Bings, Beeps, Alert Messages and a fodder of information to keep you updated on the current statistics around the pandemic virus.

I’m trying to keep this rather short packed with some words to live by during this period of bio disaster:

  • You’re not watching a movie, you’re in the movie, so what’s happening on your TV screens is heading towards you.
  • Take on to caution and not panic.
  • Call attention to cautiousness with positivity.
  • Talk responsively and give measured online reactions, preferably factually correct.
  • Understand and support the government’s initiatives, irrespective of your political affiliations and preferences.
  • Use the digital platform resourcefully for getting things done online and not for mere idle commenting.
  • Don’t grind to a halt, move on with life- online business services, working from home, online consultations and tutorials, digital banking and digital purchasing etc.
  • Don’t create a fear psychosis or instil a social scare.
  • Do not get into panic buying and hoarding essentials which will be available anyway.
  • Take the time to reflect upon what we ought to value and cherish the most- health, safety, togetherness, home and basic necessities.
  • Introspect yourself on the extravagance [LV bags and Beamers] being so unessential and products of sheer psychological hedonism.
  • Get into the survival mode while trying to keep life going normal within the necessary constraints.
  • Hear the birds, soak in the sun, drink in fresh air, and smell the colourful spring blooms.
  • Try a new dish, bake a cake at home, or just get into the kitchen- it won’t kill the swank in you.
  • Try home gym-ing, cleaning, dusting, gardening, and all the stuff to get your stiff bones on the run.
  • Read newspaper editorials and opinion pages, than to just skim through the sassy headlines and fashion galore. Try this new thing, it’s super cool!
  • Tell yourself about the value of money and savings.
  • Stay calm and stay at home.
  • Take enough sleep and rest, drink warm fluids often, and eat nutritious food to build your immunity.
  • Adopt sanitisation even beyond the COVID-19.

Those were some of the things I’m doing besides a lot of other things…Hahaha! No guesses there!

And yes, some myth busters for some over-enthusiastic citizens of India to get them to follow and enjoy the above:

  • I am AB+ but I’m not jumping on my bed over this.
  • We have an upward climb in the number of Coronavirus suspects, confirmed, and deaths- we’re inching ahead into the darkness by every tick of the clock, so stop building jokes around this.
  • There’s still no vaccination or a fail proof treatment for that shot in the arm for you- for the rich, the richer and the richest!
  • Cheekiness over flouting the governmental directions around Coronavirus is an offensive faux pas.
  • All that food in your overstocked refrigerator is not a makeover plan for your daily diet intake- make it last longer!
  • And lastly, hey you uncool guys, the curfew has not been imposed to keep the roads clear for your swooshing cars aimlessly speeding around with loud music. It’s not the time for fun trips with your giggling friends, and your city is not the Vegas.

Tough times, but- Live on, don’t just live through!