Not just the happy ones do not want to die. A man to whom a restful night means sleeping on the
concrete bed of a road verge; the one with a decaying body or an agonized soul tendering the
few last shreds of life; and the crippled heart- 
all cling to life in their pleasurable strides or miserable lives.

We yearn for life, more of what we have and want to go on living, not because we love the
life we live, but because we fear whether anything exists beyond this life. We are 
tranquilized to live a reel life that we believe is the only gospel truth.

We crave life out of the dread of the unknown and the undecipherable concept of 
any existence beyond this life. We simply feel safe and secure in a detectable presence
of our self in this human form, with the ground under our feet and a head that has been 
trained to think of patterns and theories, in a world we’ve taught ourselves to call our home