"Envy the work of a writer but not the life, because a paper and a pen is all a writer  has to seek solace from."
- Diamond Sodhi

Hi Everyone.
My name is Diamond Sodhi!

I'm the author of Diamond Sodhi Blogs.

You're at my happy place! This is where I blog, dump my thoughts and share my reflections on life. Skim around and see the world from my eyes.



“A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead."
-Graham Greene

A Writer’s Refuge From Unrequited Love

I”ll turn, all you were to me, in a story someday;Relive the throbs of pain you put my heart through;Smirk at the radiant smiles you once lit up my soul with;Voyage back in time, to the endless years of trustful…

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Book Review: The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

The acclaimed Man Booker Prize Winning author intrigued me first for the nonsensical, boorish gender-biased comment by a senior Indian journalist [need I say the word ‘Male’?] after ‘The God of Small Things’ had not long ago earned her the…

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I look at the two pigeons tip toeing together on the fenced wall. I don’t know why they’re there- they don’t seem to be looking for food or whiling away time. They’re probably having an unspoken conversation- without words, bodily…

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When Not Asked But Given

If something whispers over-friendliness. makes us uneasy in the mind. brings in discomfort or intelligibly feels inappropriate!e· we do not have to wait for the signal to emerge in full strength and form. Act on the instincts, because we only think we’re being hit on when we are.

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The Business of Spiritualism

I picked up this book at a bookstore, something I did not go there in search of, and probably would not have bought it had it not been for its compact size and a throwaway price. The title intrigued me…

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