"Envy the work of a writer but not the life, because a paper and a pen is all a writer  has to seek solace from." - Diamond Sodhi

Hi Everyone.
My name is Diamond Sodhi!

I'm the author of Diamond Sodhi Blogs.

You're at my happy place! This is where I blog, dump my thoughts and share my reflections on life. Skim around and see the world from my eyes.


THIS INSPIRES ME TODAY! “A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead." -Graham Greene


IMMIGRATION IN PUNJAB- the very sentence snaps shots of screaming news headlines that only put before us in words the tearful plight of gullible aspirants who fall prey to the dream merchants of illegal immigration. “Investigations reveal that 10,000 to…

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You, Me and the Pink PantherAlso the Mouse in the nestEating rubber balls and drinking chlorine Write your Message on the waterAnd the Moon will tell meOr let the gravity show me The music is tiredIt wants to rest on…

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ENGLISH TESTS: Humor & Advice

From Instant IELTS to PTE Instant Testing If you are looking for an English Test Preparation Coaching Centre you may have to walk through a plethora of Coaching Centers from the ones in Air Conditioned Multi-storied Buildings to cramped up…

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