"Envy the work of a writer but not the life, because a paper and a pen is all a writer  has to seek solace from."
- Diamond Sodhi

Hi Everyone.
My name is Diamond Sodhi!

I'm the author of Diamond Sodhi Blogs.

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“A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead."
-Graham Greene

No Year Resolutions

And it’s just about the time of the year when I get a lot of these annoying questions thrown at me, “What’s your new year resolution?” Uh…New, What? Year after year there is this clichéd sameness about this thing so…

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Justice Delivered, Full Stop

The dramatic encounter killing all four alleged rapists, this morning, brought cheer and a craving for the poetic justice to many at large. Yet I scroll through these boisterous discussions and heavily opinionated tweets streaming along on the social media debating the extrajudicial killings. The netizens seem to have their intellectual take on just about everything.

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The Dark Side Of Online Media

There’s an overwhelming stench with this entire online and social media thing. The “lucky-us-internet-age-people” are over-exposed to the information explosion, which within the context of “commenting” is so unnecessary and devastating. And here’s why I think ‘Why”.

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The Religion of Things

Soothing vibes bring on the devotees forward on to the entrance of the shrine. The air brims with chants, prayers and an aura of humble submissions before the deity. The sweet fragrance of roses, the aromatic scent of incense and the peal of meditative bells flood the soul with the sacredness of the holy place I am about to enter.

But I headed out of the mandir to get myself away sooner than soon. While the mystic allurement of the mandir was lugging a part of me to stay on longer, the disgust for the commercialisation just had to have myself removed from what seemed like a marketplace.

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