"Envy the work of a writer but not the life, because a paper and a pen is all a writer  has to seek solace from."
- Diamond Sodhi

Hi Everyone.
My name is Diamond Sodhi!

I'm the author of Diamond Sodhi Blogs.

You're at my happy place! This is where I blog, dump my thoughts and share my reflections on life. Skim around and see the world from my eyes.



“A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead."
-Graham Greene

To Airbnb Or Not

We got it all about the “Bed & Breakfast” concept, a well-acquainted fad break away from the traditional hotel stays. But something beyond the B&B is the favorite vacation stays these days- Airbnb. What is this Airbnb thing anyway and what’s got this revolutionary lodging experience over 150 million users worldwide?!

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Sexy is the new Beautiful

Research by Psychology Today reveals that beauty is characterized as pleasing the aesthetic senses, especially the sight; sexy is defined as causing feelings of sexual excitement or stimulating a desire in a man. Beautiful has to do with admiring a woman’s physical attributes; calling sexy is conveying the sexual allurement.

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RANI JASJIT- The Woman Of Her Times

Rani Jasjit” was the name inscribed at the bottom of the ostentatiously framed picture, the prefix “Rani” appearing more like a consolation prize to the lost glory of once upon a time empire. Yet, she had the poise of a…

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Work & Holiday Visa for Australia to Open For Indian Youth

In further aggressive efforts to deflect workforce to regional areas, the Australian Immigration Department will be including a number of developing countries including India, to its Work and Holiday Visa [Subclass 462]. This initiative will be directed at attracting youth…

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