"Envy the work of a writer but not the life, because a paper and a pen is all a writer  has to seek solace from."
- Diamond Sodhi

Hi Everyone.
My name is Diamond Sodhi!

I'm the author of Diamond Sodhi Blogs.

You're at my happy place! This is where I blog, dump my thoughts and share my reflections on life. Skim around and see the world from my eyes.



“A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead."
-Graham Greene


Tobias Wolff in his Memoir, ‘This Boy’s Life’ written in the 1950s is the story of Toby [Tobias Wolf] who flees to Washington with his divorced mother Rosemary who courageously breaks free from a cheerless marriage with Roy. Desperate for…

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Remembering Khushwant Singh

From the days of reading the bold and brazen ‘This Above All’ to meeting the legend in 1998, Khushwant Singh was the writer above all. It was a whose’s who studded dinner of the little town- with most politicians, bureaucrats…

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Are You A Writer?

I was on a mundane flight from Hyderabad to Delhi. It wasn’t one of those trips to Hyderabad but to Kochi. I had made two sane bookings for the two of us on the same flight and in the same…

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Good News is No News; No News is Bad News; And Bad News is what makes a great story. And the Indian Media [perhaps the world over as well] has been following the tenets of journalism way too “purposefully”. If…

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