And it’s just about the time of the year when I get a lot of these annoying questions thrown at me, “What’s your new year resolution?”

Uh…New, What?

Year after year there is this clichéd sameness about this thing so not ‘New,’ a New Year!! Yeah!…we’re all supposed to feel happy, triumphant, and party! Like the Cinderella turning into a plain girl, we’d be switching into brand new persons as the clock strikes 00:00. Our motivation levels will get a shot in the arm; of course, which wouldn’t come from that shot of vodka.

So we’ll doll-dress our old desires, assuming them as our new fetish, passions or goals for the new year-a year, that would kick in enough spirit to live it up this year.

Do we really have new resolutions? No! Just the same old battling with what invariably remained unaccomplished, year after year, hoping for a miracle to spark and push it through. A blighted hope for the New Year to bring in what the year before couldn’t.

This is how it goes- The excitement around the clean new slate for all things right to be written begins to swell up like a bubble. We cherish the bubble on the 31st night, trading a teary goodbye to the not-so-good- a year with the best-is now-here year. The bubble holds on, shattering no hopes on the 1st of January. The day is marked with a lot happening around. Targets are defined. Diaries are marked. Calendars are darted with goals. And Self-checking lists are curated, for things we know, we were never born to do. And the first day of the new year turns out to be, if nothing else, one hell of a promising ride. A ride we’d want to get off in a day and get back to our mundane ways of doing things, going slower on our promised land by the following hours.

In about a week, the year begins to feel like the year before, and our comfort zones start to fade out the hard to climb boundaries of Tomorrowland. New Year fervor over until the next year!!

Honestly, I don’t even try to pitch myself for this new year resolution claptrap. I have to look at it this way- how many times do I decide to be cheerful because it’s a Sunday? Or wear a mood by the date? Or wait until the calendar shows me a suitable date to sync my urge for a drastic change? And, just how many micro resolutions do I ever make on the first of every month?

Whoops! That was a lot of silence there [Did you just ask yourself?] Never mind!