I look at the two pigeons tip toeing together on the fenced wall. I don’t know why they’re there- they don’t seem to be looking for food or whiling away time. They’re probably having an unspoken conversation- without words, bodily gestures, and facial expressions. I feel a kindly sorrow for the misfortune of the two pigeons, for their
haplessness at expressing the yearnings of their hearts.

“We’re humans and we have language”- our ascendancy as the top notch of the food chain delights me for a moment. But I am quick to fore-check the mental consolation I just gave myself. Why do we then use the expression of speech more often to protect and hide our feelings, and only at times to express?

As much as we yearn to say what’s in our heart, we also hunger for what we want to hear. But we move on with a 
languishing silence amongst us, and never hear from another, the things we likewise do not say.

We fall in love, hope to remain in love, check a person and uncheck a person. The saga of love is far short of
the selfless and an unconditional feeling. We are unable to love another with the same fervor when the heart is let down.

Contrary to the famous cliché that opposites attract, in love, we seek sameness in how we love and want to be 
loved. While the ability of another to love us does not depend upon our own ability to love, we unassertively 
center our expectations around the analogy of the love that we seek.

Things must be said- simply, effortlessly and earnestly. So many of us would not be who we are, whom we are 
with, and whom we are not with if we put into words the insistence of our hearts. There’s a pragmatic reaction 
to things we do not say. When someone doesn’t say the things [we too need to hear], we survive the unresponsiveness 
through the law of imitation; we become like the other when we are unable to find in them someone like us.

But never be deceived by the unsaid words. Language can lack in scope when in love. The heart has a language of 
its own- the energy we feel. And most pleasures and afflictions come from this energy between us. It is about the 
blanks between the sentences; and the silences between the words. The heart’s universe hides within these spaces. 
Have faith in this energy- the illusive inertia and the things we do not say.